Text Message Scam in the Philippines Using “Winnings” to Lure Victims

by Paolo Caesar

Text Message Scam in the Philippines Using “Winnings” to Lure Victims. A few seconds ago as of this writing, I received a text message on my cellphone saying:

“Congratulations!U have won 300k Pesos+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last April.30,2011 for info:Call ds#:09427641440Dir: marcel Tan of Phil:Com.Center”

That was the text verbatim with the cases and spaces intact. I don’t judge a book by its cover so I gave the promo the benefit of the doubt and called the number mentioned.

Mr. Tan answered the phone and asked who I was. I said that I received his text about winning money and a vehicle. He asked for my name but since I was skeptical I requested that he introduce himself first. Without any hesitation he said,

“Gago ka!”

… and dropped the call.

From the onset, the text message was screaming scam. Truth be told, the guy who sent the message was a lousy scammer. Here is a list of what gave him away:

  • Lousy English. Yes it is a text message but if you want to scam someone, make it look and sound professional to be more convincing.
  • No DTI Promo Permit Number. Any promo or winnings in the Philippines should have this and the text message did not have one. A dead giveaway.

This is not a quick lesson on scamming but I simply want to point out how a scam text looks like. If you have received such a text message, there is a government agency to handle that. Simply log your complaint online via the DTI complaint page or call them at (02)7513330.

If you have similar experiences, please share them below via a comment so we can act on this together. You could post the message they sent you and the number they used to send you the message so that vigilant users can see this page and hopefully be protected from these scams.

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  1. Paolo Caesar says:

    Ano palang ginawa nyo? Any updates?

  2. Laurenz says:

    i received a text message,
    “NOTICE frm SAN MIGUEL CORP. CONGRATS! Ur Sim # won Php380,000.00. In our 125th Anniv. last Feb.23,2019 Pls txt ur Name/address/ age/work. Im Merly Reyes.” , then i went home and search for 125th anniversary is nit feb 23,2019 ,, the anniversary of san miguel Sep 29,2015 the 125th anniv.. i decided ignore i think its scam

  3. Ailyn says:

    text message was “congratulations!! u have won 500k and a brand new fortuner your sim # won last Dec. 18’18 as homepartner. for details pls call this # look for dir. Ben Domingo of phil.com center

    then I call and he ask for name and address

    so I gave fake address and name

    then he said call him again

    he is asking for money.

    hahaha lols

  4. Unknown says:

    (09226698266):Congratulations! You have won 500,000.00 and a brand new Fortuner. Your simcard number won last April 8, 2019 as Homepartner. For more details please call this # and look for Dir. Ben Domingo of Phil.com Center.

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