Unionbank Check Deposit Feature Review

Someone gave me a BDO check as payment and of course I have to go to the bank to either deposit it into my account or cash it out. I didn’t do so at once because I was lazy to do so and I want to lessen my interaction with the outside world for obvious pandemic reasons. And then I remembered that Unionbank had a Check Deposit feature which I saw in their app and never really used. See below:

So I decided to use it to see if it works. I followed the instructions as seen below:

I followed and did all the steps outlined then waited for 2 days for the check to clear (2 days because I did this past 3pm…). That night, the check was approved and after 2 days, the check cleared and I got my money!

Woohoo! Finally found out a way to deposit checks without going to the bank. Kudos to Unionbank for this nifty little feature.

Since I’m giving out compliments to Unionbank right now, might as well say that I use it to pay my bills online. I’ve been with them for more than a decade and never had any major problem. So if you’re thinking of opening a bank account, consider Unionbank!

This is not a sponsored post, but Unionbank, if you’re reading this, you can send something over, or maybe buy me a beer 🙂

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